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UVLRx -- Light Therapy


The UVLrx Station™ has been designed with a true focus on transforming our modern understanding of how light is used therapeutically.

The Generation of Light via the UVLrx Station’s™ Optic Engine

The UVLrx Station™ houses the optic engine, which generates light with exceptional precision and accuracy. The UVLrx Station™ is the first polychromatic light source that delivers a combination of monochromatic peak wavelengths factory verified to be within reported specifications, and issuing precise irradiance values for each wavelength calibrated prior to each treatment session. An internal calibration system reassures that from treatment to treatment, and from patient to patient, the output parameters remain unchanged.

The UVLrx Station’s™ Durable Lightweight Design

The UVLrx Station™ lightweight design allows the unit to be placed on a countertop or mounted to an IV Pole during use. The device measures less than 12” square. The device incorporates a touchscreen display and a simple user interface.

Connection with UVLrx™ Accessories

The UVL Station connects the UVLrx Patient Cable to the emission port allowing the transmission of light from the UVLrx Station™ to the UVLrx Dry

Light Adapter™ .


Light’s effect on biological tissue stems from the activation of photo-sensitive molecules, referred to as photoreceptors. The molecular configuration of a photoreceptor is responsible for converting light energy into chemical energy. This can be as simple as light breaking a bond, which in turn, transforms a molecule from an immature state to an active one. From there, the activated molecule directly modulates the chemical behavior of all interconnected proteins and/or enzymes. The chain of events can quickly ripple throughout a cell or tissue. This is known as secondary transduction. Each newly activated or inhibited protein and/or enzyme will affect another, so on and so forth. This may continue to progress culminating with altered gene expression and cell metabolism and motility.


Light Therapy’s Effect is Broad

With the release of newly produced proteins and/or enzymes the effect may extend far beyond the initially treated cell. For instance, light-induced protein and/or enzyme synthesis may further drive autocrine, paracrine, and endocrine communication. The latter, endocrine communication, defines the release of molecules directly into the circulatory system in which they are capable of traversing the entire body and influencing multiple organ systems.

First Law of Photochemistry – Light Must be Absorbed

However, like many other therapies, in order for light energy to influence diseased state a very specific target must absorb the energy. Accordingly, researchers look at exactly what elements of a particular cell is capable of absorbing a specific wavelength. This is referred to as a cell’s or molecule’s absorption spectrum. The absorption spectrum of one cell may be unique to all other cells, enabling light therapy to stimulate an individual cell without impacting neighboring cells or tissue. Accordingly, use of well-defined light parameters represents an equally elegant solution to pharmaceutical agents to modulate a specific cells biology. Additionally, the combination of wavelengths could permit the activation of multiple photoreceptor molecules found within multiple cells to deliver a more comprehensive clinical response. This is important because a combination of pharmaceutical agents may pose substantial risk to the patient; therefore, a unilateral approach may be required.

Comprehensive Nature of Model UVL1500 UVLrx Treatment System™

The Model UVL1500 UVLrx Treatment System™ is a polychromatic intravenous light treatment, and therefore may be able to modulate multiple biological systems to diverse its effect on a disease with a complex pathophysiology. The Model UVL1500 UVLrx Treatment System™ administers wavelengths identified in the clinical literature to have a probable impact on specific biochemical cascades involved in numerous medical conditions. Overall, the Model UVL1500 UVLrx Treatment System™ uses decades of clinical literature to forge a new, innovative treatment solution.

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