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Pediatric Patients

We welcome as our patients children suffering from Environmental and BioToxic Illness and Autoimmune Diseases.

Children may be seen in our practice on a case-by-case basis when the child has environmental illness, Lyme disease with or without confections, autistic spectrum disorder, ADHD, food intolerances, allergies, asthma, eczema, auto-immune diseases, heavy metal toxicity (such as lead or mercury overload), impaired immune system, and under certain other specified circumstances. All children are screened prior to scheduling their first appointment so that we may ensure the child is an appropriate match with the therapies we can offer to them. In that way we try to minimize the chances of having parents and guardians spend time, effort, and money for initial appointments only to be told that our practice is not the appropriate facility for treatment of the child.

Dr. Pinkston has dual residencies in Internal Medicine and Primary Care, including pediatrics. Also, we do work closely with a Board Certified Pediatrician who practices natural and holistic medicine.  

Children and their families who come to our clinic from out of town may be eligible for lodging at Ronald McDonald House , about 2 miles from our office. 

We do not perform any routine or acute pediatric care. ALL children seen in our practice must have a primary pediatrician actively following the child along with Dr. Pinkston throughout their treatment course. Children may be discharged from the practice if they are unruly or pose a danger to staff or other patients.

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