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Medication Refills

Our practice utilizes a state of the art, encrypted, electronic prescription transmittal service. Most local pharmacies and the major mail order pharmacies are subscribers to this service. Therefore, you will rarely (if ever!) have to carry a prescription to a pharmacy again.  

There are very few pharmacies in Northwest Florida who do not subscribe to this service, mostly compounding pharmacies and the military bases do not subscribe. Other than that, you can rest assured that when you leave our offices, your prescriptions will have already be received by the pharmacy of your choice and are already in the process of being filled! 

When your prescriptions say there are no more refills left, please call your pharmacy rather than our office. The pharmacies are equipped to contact Dr. Pinkston electronically (with encryption) so that further refills can be authorized if appropriate. Dr. Pinkston reviews each request for medication refills and will fill it using the same electronic encrypted service. This protects your privacy and also ensures the information gets into your medical record and is documented appropriately. Because each prescription is personally reviewed by the physician, please allow 72 hours turn around to your pharmacy. Because this time may increase both on the physician and pharmacy ends during holidays and weekends, please make sure you place your refill requests when you have enough medication to last you one week. 

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