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IV Services

We offer a wide range of IV therapy services in a comfortable, state of the art IV infusion center. All intravenous therapy is custom-designed for you by Dr. Pinkston and administed by a Registered Nurse who has specialized training in intravenous therapy. Our IV mixtures are scientifically designed and tested for proper osmolarity and pH. Raw materials are made for us by some of the finest compounding pharmacies in the country and are virtually all preservative-free. Our IV bags are special Latex and DHEP -free and safer for you and the environment. Injections are also available.

Nutritional IV Therapy: all infusions are custom blended to meet your needs. These therapies may consist of vitamins, minerals, or both, with or without amino acids. The variety and amount of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids is custom made for you under the personal supervision of Dr. Pinkston based on your history, symptoms, and laboratory testing. The frequency of these infusions is also always custom-designed for you based on your medical needs.

Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Support: infusions of very concentrated vitamins, amino acids, and other ingredients help with fatigue and improve energy levels while reducing pain.

Detoxification Support: many IV therapy options exist to support detoxification. These include, but are not limited to IV glutathione, methylation precursers, vitamin C, and chelation for heavy metals. (Other detoxification support therapy is available, see Services Offered)

Heavy Metal Detoxification: chelation for heavy metals is offered for patients with documented heavy metal toxicity. Testing is also available for this condition. 

Anti-Inflamatory Infusions: several infusion options are available to treat inflamatory processes and acute inflamation caused by viral and bacterial illnesses.

Antibiotic therapy: Commercial antibiotic IV therapy is available. We commonly treat Lyme's disease and co-infections with antibiotics. There may be other uses of IV antibiotics depending on a patient's specific needs. The particular antibiotic used, frequency, and duration of therapy depends on the condition treated and particular bacteria involved. Home therapy can be arranged under certain circumstances, especially if the therapy is long-term, if insurance approves coverage. 

Memory Support: some nutritional supplements have shown promise in cases of memory loss. Aluminum has also been linked in some cases with memory impairments and chelation for high aluminum levels is available. Individualized therapies are available for these circumstances.

Injections: for patients desiring B12 shots or needing other types of routine injections, including hormone injections like testosterone, this service is available in our infusion center.

We also use a proprietary B vitamin mixture "energy shots" for methylation support for patients with MTHFR mutation. We find this is very helpful for patients with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and other chronic syndromes related to impaired methylation and detoxification. 

Osteoporosis Support:we offer intravenous osteoporosis support including IV vitamin D and broad spectrum mineral support.

Colds and "Flu": Vitamin and mineral therapy is offered for acute viral illnesses. This must be requested and scheduled by phone since we generally do not allow anyone with contagious illness into the office for protection of our other patients, many of whom have highly impaired immune systems.

Other types of IV services: Other types of IV services are offered and available on a case by case basis following a complete medical evaluation by Dr. Pinkston. These may include IV alpha lipoic acid, IV vitamin C, IV vitamin D, IV glutathione, and other nutritional and medicinal intravenous therapies. Please call for details.

Please call for more information. See the "Contact Us" page for inquiries about specific IV therapy services. We will be happy to assist you!

Disclaimer: Please note that these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These statements are not intended as medical advice and do not replace the advice of your personal physician. These statements and the services discussed in this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any condition. Please seek the advice of a physician in reference to your personal health and treatments.

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